Sweet lemon

Sweet lemon

Question: do sweet lemons exist in nature?

they told me that there are sweet lemons in nature or in greenhouses, that is, lemons that are not unripe. thanks for an answer on the matter.

Sweet lemon: Answer: sweet lemons, truth or legend?

Dear reader,

lemons (citrus limon) are native plants of Asia, spread rapidly first in the Middle East and Africa, and later throughout the Mediterranean area; these are plants that have been cultivated by man for millennia, so much so that it is not yet clear whether it is a type species or whether citrus limon is also a hybrid of older plants, also because hybridization between citrus fruits occurs very often and with ease. The plants grown for the commercial use of fruits all produce fruits with a very sour taste, because the cultivation of hybrids with thin-skinned, medium-sized, very juicy fruits, rich in citric acid and easy to transport has been particularly developed; therefore the most common and most cultivated varieties are not those with the most pleasant tasting fruits, but those that produce fruits that are transported more easily, and wither more slowly. Since most of the lemon juice produced for industry is appreciated for its sour taste, the varieties with sweet fruits are not considered valid for the production of commercially interesting fruits.

So the sour fruits of lemons are not unripe, but even when ripe they have a sour taste.

There are varieties of sweet-fruited lemons, not as sweet as a cherry, but as sweet as a good tarot orange, juicy and fragrant, which can be consumed as real fruits, eating the raw and fresh pulp.

The fruits of these lemon varieties are beautiful, with a thin skin, fragrant and sweet, but they are often not easy to transport, because as happens for example for an apricot, they deteriorate in a short time and become a waste product. Basically for this reason the plants of sweet lemon they are grown only rarely, and their fruits are consumed in the place of cultivation and do not reach all the markets of the peninsula; if you feel like taking a holiday in Sicily, maybe you could come into contact with these fruits, and taste them, but it is very unlikely that you will find them at the greengrocer or supermarket.

Likewise, these citrus fruits are not widespread even as ornamental plants, and it is therefore very unlikely to be able to buy a lemon tree that produces sweet fruit.

The only plant that can resemble a sweet lemon, and which can also be found in the nursery, is a hybrid between a variety of lemon and a variety of orange, it is called citrus meyeri, and produces fruits with the shape and color of lemons, but with a slightly sweeter juice than common commercial lemons.

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