Garden table

Garden table


Depending on the size at our disposal, we proceed to divide the external surface of our house into various angles, thinking about where to place plants that will create the shaded areas, flowers that will give color, evergreens that do not require special attention, and the area "living", the one designed to accommodate tables, chairs and sofas.

With regard to this last corner, generally, our attention is focused depending on whether it is a covered space (such as a possible porch of the house) or uncovered (possibility of placing the outdoor furniture right in the center of the garden ).

In this second case, it is necessary to create a structure that acts as a cover for what will be installed: beautiful and of various sizes are the gazebos which, depending on the budget at our disposal, can be with a steel frame firmly fixed to the ground or simply in fabric with small tie rods that keep the ends taut at the corners.

Once we have decided where we want to create our "livable" space within our green area, we can start with the choice of furniture and here we are spoiled for choice.

Keep in mind that the central point of this area will certainly be the table, the object around which the family gathers to have lunches and dinners during the summer period, but also a welcome point for guests that you will invite for coffee in the afternoon and a chat in the open air.

The choice, therefore, must take into account both factors: the table must be practical but also with that "something more" that makes it original and, why not, elegant.

To help you in your decision, we have decided to divide this guide into several paragraphs, depending on the materials of the tables available on the market.


In the past, the wooden table was the garden table par excellence: when the synthetic fibers very popular today had not yet been created, it was wood that was the master in outdoor furniture.

The low prices and lightness of the material played in its favor, making it ideal for being easily folded and transported to a sheltered corner when not in use.

However, the wood was not treated and, therefore, with the passing of time and due to bad weather, it did not have a long life.

Nowadays considerable progress has been made and the wooden tables that are found on the market can be safely placed even outdoors, not necessarily under structures that can keep them sheltered.

Thanks to the particular processing of the wood cutting and the new flatting type roofing materials, the wooden tables have acquired a resistance never had before and, therefore, are well suited to any type of use and location.

Furthermore, from an aesthetic point of view, wood offers a wide range of colors, shades and tones and due to the fact that it is natural it lends itself well to being placed in greenery.

Of course, it has a flaw: in the long run it can not stand humidity so it is advisable to store them in a closed place in the coldest periods such as the winter months.


Wrought iron tables are also very popular nowadays: if they once had particularly classic shapes, those currently on the market have essential and modern lines that make them suitable for any setting.

Particularly stable and resistant, these types of tables can be placed anywhere and well withstand the aggressions of atmospheric agents.

However, it is good to carry out a good maintenance from time to time by applying a layer of anti-rust to prevent water and humidity from affecting their natural beauty.


Although they are not aesthetically at the levels of a good wrought iron table, those in hard plastic are to be considered among the most purchased ever.

From them they have the economic aspect, which is undoubtedly not irrelevant, and the lightness.

In fact, they can be easily moved from one part of the green area to another without requiring the use of more people.

On the market they are generally on sale in the colors of white and dark green but today there are many who choose plastic tables that have the top decorated in mosaic style.

In addition, the larger tables may have a hole in the center where you can possibly place an umbrella to shelter from the sun.

Their maintenance is also easy, since it is enough to water them abundantly with the help of a hose and use a sponge soaked in a normal detergent.

Nothing could be simpler, as you can see. The result will be optimal, although it must be said that, in the long run, white plastic tables tend to take on a yellowish color due to the sun's rays.


In recent years, rattan has become the undisputed protagonist in outdoor furniture. It is a material that is obtained from a tropical palm and which, thanks to its particular shape, lends itself in an excellent way to the processing of tables, chairs and sofas.

Until a few years ago these particular pieces of furniture could only be seen in hotels and in some luxury homes, then over time they have forcefully entered thousands of homes.

The secret of rattan success? An excellent mix made of affordable prices, strength, resistance and high aesthetic impact.

When choosing, however, you have to be careful because, often, those that are simple synthetic pieces are sold as rattan products (and therefore wood).

In fact, new research and technologies have developed materials defined as "polyrattan".

At first glance they may seem similar, also because it is the shape of the weave that immediately catches the eye, but it is clear that real rattan has the beauty and brightness of wood on its side and takes on a totally natural connotation.

On the other hand, synthetic ones can offer a wider range of colors and finishes: white, beige, dark brown and black are just some examples.

Furthermore, it is possible to find them on the market with steel cores that are more resistant than totally natural ones and it is for this reason that they may be more expensive than rattan tables.

If you are cradling the idea of ​​furnishing your garden with polyrattan furniture, keep in mind that the tables, in most cases, are sold with a very comfortable tempered glass that acts as a support surface and which is resistant and comfortable to use. to clean.

Garden furniture: The costs of the wooden garden table

As with all furnishing items, the rezzo bands relating to garden tables are very variable.

Prices vary greatly depending on the model chosen in relation to the material, size and characteristics of the chosen wood.

A precious wood and therefore more resistant, lasting and often rare, such as teak, will have significantly higher costs than a wood of less resistance and lower quality.

However, the offer is huge and allows you to find excellence at medium and sustainable prices.

Among other things, since the market for the sale of garden furniture has expanded to the large multinationals of do-it-yourself furniture, do-it-yourself and bricolage, the sector and rezzi have become much more accessible.

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