Robot lawn mower

Robot lawn mower

Characteristics of robotic lawnmowers

If you have a large garden and are tired of using your traditional petrol or electric lawn mower every week, then the best solution is to buy a modern robotic lawnmower. The robotic lawnmower is the last frontier in the field of gardening: thanks to its characteristics it is possible to keep a lawn that is always well maintained without making any effort and managing to have excellent results. These modern appliances are the latest technology innovation in the field of gardening tools, offering a great deal of benefits for those who have neither time nor desire to brush the garden with a normal petrol lawn mower, especially in the spring season when growth grass is maximum. Thanks to these supports it is possible to mow the lawn precisely and cleanly, without tearing the grass: their blade is faster than that of a traditional lawn mower. It also has a very efficient energy management and its consumption is very low: it allows you to operate at a cost much lower than that of conventional lawnmowers. It is electrically powered, but it produces no harmful emissions and works extremely quietly.

Gardena: an efficient and simple to use lawnmower

The Gardena company has as its objective the care of green areas and, over time, the attention towards consumers who want to take care of the garden in a simple and relaxing way has grown. This goal has made it possible to create the Gardena R40LI lawnmower, a tool that can cut the grass in total autonomy. Once installed correctly, the R40LI lawnmower works alone, saving both time and energy. Its installation is very simple. With a few tricks, the device is able to do all the work. The cable allows him to recognize the area to be mowed. The Robot lawnmower performs a daily cut that guarantees a lawn that is always perfect, without having to collect the mowing. It is equipped with sharp blades. The irregularity of the movement pattern allows a uniform cut without streaks. The result is excellent: a glossy, thick and healthy turf is obtained. The R40LI adapts to gardens with various shapes and sizes, from small and simple ones to large and articulated lawns. If there is a slope (max 25%), the robot guarantees a perfect cut.

Husqvarna Aotomower: a robot with low consumption and silent

It is a small and quiet device, made in various colors. It allows you to have more freedom of time if you use it constantly. There are enormous advantages for your lawn: the robot cuts and fertilizes, keeping the lawn always neat and beautiful. With a traditional lawnmower it takes a lot of effort and time, while the Automower robotic lawnmower treats the garden and improves the quality of the lawn over time. If you cut short, you have better fertilization which helps to make the grass more resistant by decreasing the moss present. It also works in the rain. There are models of the Husqvarna Aotomower lawnmower suitable for any garden, of any size. Model 308 is the most recent, designed for small or very complex green areas. It is elegant, compact and suitable for small lawns, it is light and is easy to lift and move. It is a valid device of the Automower family that returns to its charging station when the battery is discharged. It has an easy and intuitive keyboard with a display to set the necessary functions. It also has an anti-theft alarm and a passcode.

Robot lawn mower: Zucchetti: the Ambrogio robot

The Zucchetti lawnmower is a product that guarantees a beautiful, well-kept and healthy lawn: it is called Ambrogio and it is the lawnmower designed to operate autonomously at all times: the only thing to do is to program it and occasionally check the wear of the components. Ambrogio robot from Zucchetti systems is a safe and efficient solution that takes care of your garden with impeccable results. It is designed to recognize grass and ensure perfect health without damaging objects located on the lawn.The L50 model is the smallest one equipped with revolutionary sensors that allow you to know the height of the lawn, to rise when necessary, to avoid bumps and overturning: it is therefore autonomous, safe and extremely simple to use. It is activated by pressing a button and the sensors guide it on the grassy surface, cutting the detected grass.Ambrogio L50 does not need to install a perimeter wire, as it is equipped with sensors that recognize the grass: it is ideal for small lawns even with a certain slope. It has a low price and excellent cutting quality.

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