Escolzia mother tincture

Escolzia mother tincture

Escolzia: the plant

Escolzia is a herbaceous plant similar to poppies that we see every spring in the Italian uncultivated fields. Of the different species of escolzia, the most common as a phytotherapeutic remedy is the Californian escolzia. Native to Central and North America, in recent years it has been increasingly used in the European continent as a treatment for sleep disorders and stress insomnia.The plant is easily recognized by the orange-yellow flower, whose shapes resemble those of the poppy red. Escolzia is readily available in herbal medicine, as seeds to make decoctions or as mother tincture of escolzia, which can be consumed alone or added to hot water or other relaxing herbal teas. The flavor is mild but can be mitigated by adding other oils or tinctures.

Mother tincture of escolzia, what it is

The mother tincture is nothing more than an extract of all the fluids and liquids found within a plant, with the addition of ethanol, an alcohol that allows the preservation of all plant substances over time. The chemical molecules that benefit the body are all dissolved in the water contained in the tissues of the plant, so the mother tincture offers all the benefits deriving from medicinal plants without having the hassle of cleaning the plants themselves to make herbal teas or decoctions as a remedy. phytotherapeutic. There are two types of mother tincture, both effective, but with different concentrations of the active ingredients of the plant. They can be diluted 50:50 or 1:10. In both cases it is a contained concentration, which allows you to take advantage of all the beneficial effects and at the same time avoids the possibility of suffering the side effects that may be found with the consumption of these plants.

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Benefits of the mother tincture of escolzia

The mother tincture of escolzia contains numerous molecules that bring various beneficial effects to our body. Escolzia is known as an excellent natural herbal remedy against sleep disorders. Those suffering from insomnia or light sleep problems such as difficulty falling asleep or waking up at night can greatly benefit from consuming escolzia once a day, before going to sleep. In fact, escolzia has relaxing and soporific properties, which facilitate the initial phases of sleep, before the start of the REM phase. This means that falling asleep is faster and easier, as demonstrated by several independent clinical tests on numerous patients. The sedative effect of escolzia lasts all night making it the best mother tincture to consider for these ailments.

Escolzia mother tincture: Contraindications of escolzia mother tincture

Like all chemicals that, if taken, produce effects on our body, even the mother tincture of escolzia can cause various side effects. In the case of escolzia, the side effects recorded during clinical trials were very rare and always very mild. In fact, escolzia does not have the hypnotic effect caused by many other natural feet against insomnia and sleep disorders. When you wake up in the morning, there are no problems such as excess sleep or disorientation. The only side effects identified are headache, headache and, in rare cases, dizziness. In other patients analyzed among the side effects were also identified a few cases in which the gastrointestinal system was affected. All the side effects have had a transitory nature, which makes escolzia a herb that can be taken safely, with the caution intended for any phytotherapeutic remedy.

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