Erisimo mother tincture

Erisimo mother tincture

Erisimo: general characteristics

Erysimus, whose scientific name is Sysimbrium officinale, belongs to the cruciferous family. This plant is very widespread throughout the European territory, it grows spontaneously in the meadows, in the fields, near low walls and country houses. The erisimo develops in coastal and hilly areas, up to an altitude of 1700 meters. It is an annual plant that can reach a height of one meter and twenty centimeters. It has a fairly rigid stem, which rises to almost the entire height of the plant. The green leaves have an oblong shape and are jagged along their entire length. Flowering occurs between May and September, and gives rise to yellow flowers composed of four petals, like all plants belonging to the cruciferous family.

The mother tincture of erisimo: composition and dosage

The mother tincture of erisimo is obtained using the leaves and flowers of the fresh plant. If we wanted to prepare it at home, we should pay particular attention to the proportions of erisimo to be used, compared to the alcoholic solution in which to let it macerate. Specifically, the alcohol content should be at least 65% vol, while the plant-alcohol ratio is generally 1 to 10. In any case, since it is a rather complicated procedure, it is advisable to buy one of the many products containing mother tincture of erisimo on the market. The drops must be diluted in water before taking. Finally, as regards the dosage, it is advisable to take about 20, 30 drops of tincture even several times a day, without however exceeding the amount of 100 drops per day.

Erisimo mother tincture: properties

Erism, as we have mentioned, is also known by the name of singers' weed, and with good reason. In fact, taking the mother tincture of erisimo helps to reinvigorate the voice and fight aphonia and hoarseness. But let's see specifically what are the phytotherapeutic properties of the extract of this plant. Erism has an antiseptic, antispasmodic, expectorant and tussifuge action. It is also used for its fluidifying action on phlegm. Thanks to all these properties, the mother tincture of erysimus is used to counteract, in addition to the aforementioned aphonia and hoarseness, even strong laryngitis, infections and inflammations of the oral cavity and of the oropharyngeal one, pharyngitis and nasopharyngitis. Finally, it seems that it also has a beneficial effect on the liver by fighting biliary colic and gallbladder stones.

Erisimo mother tincture: contraindications

The mother tincture of erysimus has no contraindications if it is taken according to the methods and dosage indicated. Of course, those who suffer from allergies to plants belonging to the Cruciferous family must strictly avoid its consumption. Some side effects may also occur in conjunction with the intake of certain types of drugs. It is therefore recommended not to take mother tincture of erisimo, in case you are using drugs for enzyme induction activity, as they would increase their effect. Furthermore, extracts of the plant should not be used together with medicines that perform an anticoagulant action, as they could inhibit their effects. Finally, mother tincture should not be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

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