Honda blowers

Honda blowers

Blowers: what they are and how to choose them

For those who have to keep gardens, paths or areas in general clean, a blower can be an indispensable tool for concentrating foliage, but also waste, especially paper. On the market there are numerous models suitable for the most diverse needs, both in terms of extension of the areas to be treated, and in terms of power needed. Blowers, in general, are divided into two basic categories: electric ones and petrol ones. The former are cheaper, but the price to pay is to have an awkward instrument or one with little autonomy. If the area you need to take care of is small and you don't need a lot of power, for example, a battery-powered blower might be enough. On the other hand, machines powered by a cable are not recommended. Their range of action is limited and, even with the necessary precautions, the use of an electric cable in the garden could be dangerous. Petrol blowers are by far the best choice in terms of range and power. In general, however, you have to pay the price for greater noise and, at times, for annoying discharges of combustion residues.

General characteristics of a Honda blower

The Japanese brand Honda is known for being one of the world leaders in the field of mechanics and technology. Its wide range of gardening, hobby and professional products offers tools that can provide cutting-edge solutions for numerous needs. This assortment includes a gasoline blower, the HHB25 model. This tool offers an interesting compromise of qualities between battery-powered devices and those equipped with an internal combustion engine. It is a handy and light device, suitable for daily home use and which can be operated by anyone without special preparation. The four-stroke GX25 engine allows air delivery up to a maximum speed of 70 meters per second. This feature makes it suitable not only for the removal of foliage, but also of brushwood, twigs, sand and other waste or debris. It is an instrument with interesting performances with a low price and great versatility of use.

A design oriented towards comfort and safety

Honda blowers are designed for those who would like the benefits of a battery operated device without its limitations in terms of versatility and power. The four-stroke engine, in the first place, runs on gasoline and does not involve the inconvenient preparation of the mixture necessary for two-stroke models. Furthermore, the system has been designed not to produce fumes or bad smells that can disturb the operator or those around him. Thanks to the attention to detail characteristic of Honda products, noise has been reduced to a minimum and stands at around 87 decibels. Finally, the total absence of vibrations makes this blower an ideal tool for daily and prolonged use with minimal impact on the user. In the vast choice available on the market, the Honda HHB25 blower stands in an intermediate range between the simplest and cheapest products and the most performing ones, becoming a synthesis of the merits of both categories without excessively accentuating the defects.

Honda blowers: Working safely with a Honda blower

Despite the care for comfort and safety in the design of the HHB25 blower, it should always be kept in mind that the use of a machine involves following some fundamental rules. In particular, given that this kind of tool is mainly used to move leaves or other debris, it is recommended to use protective goggles and masks, to avoid eye damage or the inhalation or ingestion of hazardous materials. Furthermore, care must be taken to use the device in the absence of people or animals in its range of action. Furthermore, the comfort of use of equipment of this kind must not lead to the erroneous underestimation of the damage that can be caused by incorrect or excessively prolonged use. It is therefore recommended to always take breaks at regular intervals, not to assume incorrect postures and to pay close attention when refueling.

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