Used lawnmowers

Used lawnmowers

Used lawnmowers

Used models can be a great deal, especially if you don't have an adequate budget to purchase a lawn mower suitable for your garden. On the market we find two different types for small and medium gardens: with electric motor and with internal combustion engine. Electric ones are generally cheaper, and people tend to buy them new; those with internal combustion engines can also be very expensive, and as they are robust and resistant machines, it is easy to find used models, for sale online or in garden centers. The electric models are particularly suitable for small gardens; while those with petrol engine are suitable for mowing grass even in very large lawns. Choosing the best tool also depends on the size of your garden.

Used lawnmowers - Large lawnmowers">Prices of used lawnmowers

The price of used models depends on a long series of variables, mainly related to the size of the model in question, the type of engine and the duration of the period in which it was used. If you want to buy one with an internal combustion engine, it is important to consider that these machines are designed for a very long service life; therefore if used by a private individual for even 4-5 years, one can think that the lawnmowers are still fully functional, and that they can last at least as long. Those with an electric motor, on the other hand, are generally very light and have many parts that wear out quickly; for this reason it is often not particularly interesting to buy a used one, also because the prices of new models are not very high.

What to check

When buying a used product, it is good to check that the most worn parts are still in good condition; some parts of the mower can be replaced without great expense, while others are expensive and difficult to replace. In a normal lawnmower, the parts that wear out most are the supports for moving the vehicle, the wheels, the cutter blade located under the machine. The blade can be replaced or ground, while handles, ignition cables, remote engine control knobs are more complicated to replace, and if you find equipment with these damaged parts, claim a discount on the purchase. The engine of a used product must be in excellent condition, because repairs can be very expensive and require the intervention of a professional.

Interesting options

When buying a used product, it is also important to know its characteristics. The best models today have an interesting option, especially if you have a large turf to mow: modern lawnmowers are capable of mulching. This is an operation that consists in finely grinding the cut grass, to redistribute it on the ground; in this way it is avoided to give the mowing to the ecology island, and a natural fertilizer is prepared on the ground, which will decompose over the months. Tools used with this possibility are certainly very interesting, and since it is a novelty, the machinery in question will not be excessively old. Also interesting are the robots for cutting the grass, which just like robot vacuum cleaners do, autonomously walk the lawn, shortening the grass, without human intervention; very interesting for those who have little time to devote to the garden.

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