Submersible pumps

Submersible pumps

Submersible pumps

Submersible pumps are useful tools in all those cases in which it is necessary to withdraw or pump a liquid (generally clear or dark water); they are also used, albeit less frequently, to withdraw oils, oily fluids and sand. The functionality of the submersible pump allows you to extract a liquid from a compartment and literally pump it out, sucking it upwards. An example of practical use could be emptying a well, having to dry a cellar or a garage flooded by rainwater, boosting the rising water in the pipes, etc. Generally they are powered by electric current and are distinguished according to the flow rate (quantity of liquids that they can move per minute) and head (the height at which they pump a liquid).

Purchase of pumps

To buy a product that is compatible with personal needs and with the use that it entails, it is not necessarily necessary to spend a huge amount of capital. Prices vary based, as we said earlier, on the range and also on the category of use itself. A professional use will certainly involve a different cost compared to a "domestic" or civil use, where high power and high performance at industrial levels are not required. Taking a look at the main brands of producers (such as Lowara, Darf, Zenit etc.), we will realize that prices will range from 60 Euros to 350 Euros, remaining in a medium product range. The prices of submersible pumps can, however, be reduced by focusing on a used one or by purchasing online on sites such as Ebay or Amazon where savings are dictated by direct purchase without intermediaries.


The prices, as mentioned above, are very variable: we range from affordable costs that are around 60 Euros up to pumping devices that exceed the figure of 10,000 Euros. Clearly the latter are products that, for quality, characteristics and power, can be used in the professional field as in the industries. To juggle the countless products on the market, the prices of pumps could be a useful parameter for choosing. Another factor that greatly affects the cost of a submersible pump is the head. This characteristic determines the height to which it is able to push liquids. A good search engine such as Trovaprezzo or the Google Shopping engine itself could be of great help in finding the right product at the price that best suits your budget.

Zenit submersible pumps

The range of articles of the leading company in the Zenit sector is very wide and varied precisely to meet the multiple needs dictated by specific uses in private, industrial or civil environments. The prices of Zenit submersible pumps therefore range from 80 Euros for domestic range products, passing through 300 Euros for semi-professional products, up to a few thousand Euros for devices for industrial or professional use such as used submersible pumps in conveying marine waters, or particularly dangerous and harmful liquids. All Zenit models are efficient, performing and extremely simple to use, guaranteeing performance, reliability and durability over time, regardless of the sector of use or the selling price.

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