Used wood splitter

Used wood splitter

Used wood splitter

In DIY stores we can easily find a used wood splitter; since these machines are often used only occasionally, the purchase of a second-hand product allows you to have an instrument of excellent quality, but at an affordable price. Wood splitters are not cheap machinery, and the used resource makes the purchase interesting even for those who will not make a daily use of them. When buying a second hand model it is important to check that all its parts are in good condition; first of all the motor: ask for a field test, before accepting the purchase, because with the passage of time some models tend to lose strength, and to exert pressure on the logs lower than that declared for a brand new product .

Prices of log splitters

There are many models on the market, the most common are motorized, with electric or petrol engines, and differ from each other in the pressure they can exert on the wood to crush it; generally a medium-sized model, with a pressure of around 4-5 tons, can cost around 200-300 euros. Motorized products that can exert higher pressures, up to 8-10 tons, can also cost 500-800 euros, depending on the maximum size of the wood logs that can be placed in the machine. By purchasing a used tool these prices can also be halved, allowing the purchase of a tool of this type even for those who use it occasionally. On the market we also find manual wood splitters, which assist the human effort during the operation of splitting the logs; these products are hardly found used, because the initial sale price is low, generally lower than 50-80 euros.

How a wood splitter works

Wood splitters allow you to divide large logs of wood into sections; they have a platform, horizontal or vertical, movable, on which the trunks rest, with a length that varies between 40 and 100 cm. When the motor is activated, the log is pushed by a jack towards a thick metal wedge. In this way, by exerting a strong pressure, the machinery breaks the log into various sections, so that it can then be stored in a more practical way, ready for use. On the market we find models of various sizes and powers; Motorized machinery is generally suitable for those who use it regularly, for example for those who own a plot in a wood, or who grow trees to use them as firewood. For the hobbyist, who only occasionally finds himself having to break large logs of wood, there are manual versions of these tools, which multiply human strength, so as to reduce the effort required to split wood.

Maintenance of the log splitter

To have a machine that is always in good condition, it is important to carry out careful and regular maintenance; this is especially true when you buy a second-hand device, which will already have many hours of work on its shoulders, and which must be used by us for a sufficient time to justify the purchase cost. After each cut, it is important to clean the log splitter floor, and every part of it, in order to remove the wood dust, which tends to dry the lubricant present on the movement guides of the floor that supports the wood. The engine must be regularly checked in all its parts, so that it is always equipped with the correct quantity of lubricating mineral oil, and that the various mechanical parts are in perfect condition. If you use the appliance occasionally, run the engine regularly, so as not to leave it inactive for long periods of time.

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