Dog breeds: Skane Terrier

Dog breeds: Skane Terrier

Origin, classification and history

Origin: Sweden.
F.C.I classification: RACE NOT RECOGNIZED

Typical and ancient Swedish Terrier. There is no documented and certain information on the origins of this breed. It has been widespread for about three centuries in the eastern regions of Sweden. Its presence gradually decreased, until it reached the limit of extinction immediately after the Second World War. Since 1950, fans of this dog have started a recovery, which has been very successful, and the dog has once again spread among the farmers, from whom it is mostly used and bred. The Swedish Kennel Club is granting recognition to the breed.

General aspect

Rather small dog. It has a coat similar to that of the "smooth-haired Fox Terrier". Its construction is somewhat reminiscent of that of the "Pinscher". The head is shorter than that of the "Fox", triangular in shape and with a clearly marked stop. Trunk built in the square, very short. Its height is about 35 cm at the withers. Some specimens are born with a tail butt. Black truffle. Hanging ears. White color spotted with brown. Dry musculature.


For centuries it was essentially used, as a mouse hunter and for guarding, in isolated farms in Sweden. Exuberant and jovial character. Very fast-paced and always alert dog. He loves his master's company very much. During the work he is serious and determined. Very quick in movement and running over short distances.

Skane Terrier (drawing by Federico Vinattieri



The breed is currently not recognized by the International Cynological Federation.

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