Aromatic plants: Fennel Myrrhis odorata (L.) Scop.

Aromatic plants: Fennel Myrrhis odorata (L.) Scop.

Family: Ombrelliferae
Species: Myrrhis odorata (L.) Scop.
Other common names: Mirride of the Alps.


Perennial herbaceous plant native to southeastern Europe. In Italy it is found in the Alps and in the northern Apennines, in meadows and pastures from 1,000 to 2,000 meters above sea level.

Fennel (photo

Botanical characters

It has erect, hollow, branched stems, up to 120 cm high. about. The triangular-shaped leaves are similar to fern fronds. The flowers, small and white, are gathered in 5-8 ray umbels. The fruits (called seeds) are black and shiny when ripe.


Sow in spring in fresh soil. Thin out the seedlings if too dense.

Collection and conservation

Use the fresh leaves or let them dry in a shady and ventilated place. Cut the umbrellas when the seeds are almost black and let them dry tied in bunches. Extirpate the roots in autumn, remove the side roots, cut them into pieces and let them dry in the sun.

Use in the kitchen and therapeutic properties

The leaves, slightly scented with anise, are used to give flavor to fillings, soft cheeses, desserts and ice cream. The roots and seeds are used to flavor grappas and liqueurs.
therapeutic properties: tonic, antiseptic, digestive, diuretic, emmenagogues.

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