Rabbits: Large Chinchilla

Rabbits: Large Chinchilla

Chinchilla Grande (Giant chinchilla - Grand chinchilla)

Big Chinchilla - Italian standard of the cunicule breeds: MEDIUM BREED CATEGORY.
Weight: 4.5 - 5.0 kg.

There are three Chinchilla breeds, distinguished according to their weight: American Chinchilla (4 kg), Large Chinchilla (4.5-5 kg) and Small Chinchilla (2.5-2.75 kg). The Italian Standard admits only the Large and the Small Chinchillas. The breed selected first was the Small Chinchilla, created in France in the early twentieth century for the meat and fur industry.
The coat (reminiscent of that of the Chinchilla, a South American rodent with fine fur), shiny, is gray with bluish shades and small black specks, more dense on the back. The scab is determined by tufts of black hair. The overcoat of the coat extends on the sides. Chest and legs are equally colored. The ears are edged in black. The triangle on the nape is small and light gray in color. The nails are blackish in color. The sub-color is for the whole dark blue body.
Lively and expressive. The body is cylindrical, wide as well rounded and muscular.

Serious defects

Brownish shades in the overcolour and in the intermediate color; triangle on the nape yellow or absent; totally clear chest and front legs; lack of scab; eye color other than dark brown; intermediate color too wide.

Male rabbit of Big Chinchilla (photo www.anci-aia.org)

Female rabbit of Big Chinchilla (photo www.anci-aia.org)

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