Wildlife in Italy: Rosy starling Pastor roseus Linnaeus, 1758

Wildlife in Italy: Rosy starling Pastor roseus Linnaeus, 1758

Systematic classification and distribution

Class: Birds
Order: Passeriformes
Family: Sturnidae
Kind: Pastor
Species: P. roseus Linnaeus, 1758
Sinonomo: Sturnus roseus L.

It is a species from Asia and south-eastern Europe; in Italy it arrives in particular during the so-called invasions.

Rosy starling - Pastor roseus (photo www.naturephoto-cz.com)

Rosy starling - Pastor roseus

Rosy starling - Pastor roseus (photo www.planetofbirds.com)

Distinctive characters

Length: 22 cm
Wingspan: 36 cm
Average weight: 75 grams

The adult specimens have black head, neck, wings and tail with metallic reflections, especially in spring. On the head there is a crest of black feathers. The rest of the body is very characteristic bright pink. Between October and January the plumage is of a more dull tone, and the female in general is less shiny than the male.
The young specimens are brownish with stripes or brown spots, very little showy. They are almost entirely devoid of the feather crest.


They generally nest in colonies that change the nesting area year after year. The nesting period varies according to food availability. It lays only one brood, generally consisting of 5-6 eggs (more rarely 3-9) laid at daily intervals. Incubation, entrusted to the female, lasts about 11-14 days. The nestlings. Nestlings nestlings, are fed by both parents and remain in the nest for 14-19 days. Food consists mainly of insects and also fruit. Gregario joins the starling, which he closely resembles in his habits and voice.

Video: Rose-coloured Starling pastor roseus