Euganean Hills Natural Park - Veneto

Euganean Hills Natural Park - Veneto

Type of protected area - Where it is located

Typology: Regional Natural Park; established with L.R. October 10, 1989, n. 38.
Veneto region
Province: Padua

The Euganean Hills Natural Park involves a set of ancient volcanic cones separated by erosive furrows of the valleys in the province of Padua and occupies an area of ​​18,363 hectares.

View of the Euganean Hills from Monte Ceva - 255 m (photo Filippo Ghelli


The Euganean Hills are a series of volcanic reliefs separated by valleys with rough morphology; the highest peak is Monte Venda (601 m). The climate and the composition of the soils, sedimentary or magmatic, make the chestnut tree live together with the olive tree, the beech tree with the cypress. More than 20 orchid species surveyed in the area; the fauna present is also interesting and varied.
In the park, remains of settlements dating back to the Middle Paleolithic have been found. At the edge of the area are the famous spas of Abano and Montegrotto, already appreciated by the Romans. Valuable historical and artistic monuments, such as the grandiose abbey of Praglia, the many castles, the hermitages, the villas of the Venetian nobility and the historic centers (among all Arquà Petrarca, immersed in a frame of vineyards and woods, chosen by the great Tuscan poet as dwells for the last years of his life).

Euganean Hills Natural Park (photo Sandro Lazzarini

Information for the visit

Park paths: Alta Via dei Colli Euganei (42 km in the central part of the park); Monte Grande path (circus route around the Monte Grande 4 km long); Atesino ring (21 km long); Monte Venda nature trail, 5 km long).


Headquarters: Via Rana Ca Mori, 8
35042 Este (PD)

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