Cattle breeds: Black Japanese

Cattle breeds: Black Japanese

Origin and diffusion area

Cattle breed originating in Japan.
Breed known for the excellent quality of its meats with splendid marbling.

Morphological characteristics

Height at the withers: 120-140 cm.
It has a black cape.
Horns: present.
The muzzle is pigmented.

Medium weight:
- bulls 900-1,000 kg;
- cows 500-600 kg

Productive characteristics

Main attitude: meat.

Wagyu meat

Wagyu (from Japanese wa: Japan, and gyū: ox) is a term referring to several Japanese cattle breeds, the most famous of which have been genetically selected to have intensely marbled meat, or to produce a high amount of tissue rich in unsaturated fats , and with a typical marbling (the fat is found in the thickness of the muscle masses, rather than in the peri-muscular and subcutaneous layer, as normally happens). This characteristic makes Wagyu meat particularly tasty, tender and expensive.
Belonging to the Wagyu typology there are several species of cattle (which takes its name from the city of reference). At this point, the three best Wagyu meats that exist, according to the statement of the same site of the Japanese National Tourism Organization, are: Matsusaka Ushi, Kobe Beef and Ohmi Beef. Kobe meat is certainly the most famous.
There are differences between the different Wagyu meats, both in flavor and in breeding techniques and methods.
For example, recognition"Special Grade Matsusaka Cattle"is assigned to cows that have fattened for at least 900 days within the prescribed area (cows are born in Tajima in Hyogo Prefecture and are then fattened and raised in Matsusaka), in essence they grow 10 months longer than the other cows, before being slaughtered and this makes their meat particularly tender. Matsusaka cows are treated with all possible care, as if they were children for breeders and fed on rice, barley and wheat bran. They are given beer to drink to stimulate their appetite and they practice the famous Japanese massage to stimulate blood circulation throughout the tissue.

Japanese black bull

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