Cattle breeds: Italian Friesian

Cattle breeds: Italian Friesian

Origin and diffusion area

The area of ​​origin is the Po Valley. The Italian Friesian is derived from the Dutch and North American ones. The first imports date back to 1870.
The breeding of the Bonifica di Torre in Pietra (Rome), owned by Count N. Carandini, in 1929 buys the Carnation Producer bull at an auction of the Carnation Milk Farm in Seattle (USA) which proves to be a real racer becoming a progenitor of the current Italian Friesian, moreover, it has been bloody over time with other elite reproducers of American and Canadian origin. Since 1950 the Frisona increasingly replaces the Bruna especially in the plains. Since 1956 the breed has its own physiognomy and a single national herd book (Italian Frisona) is established. The area of ​​greatest diffusion is Northern Italy, in particular Lombardy and Emilia-Romagna.
The color of the coat is black dappled but also the red dappled can be enrolled in the LG. The horns are short. The general aspect is harmonious and there is a good balance of the milk characters.
On July 23, 1957, the National Association of Cattle Breeders of the Frisian Italian Breed (A.N.A.F.I.) was established.

Morphology of Italian Frisian cows

Coat: black piebald or red piebald.
Height: tall.
Head: expressive, proportionate, distinct and vigorous, rectilinear upper profile; bright eyes, very mobile ears, wide nostrils and broad muzzle and strong jaws.
Harmonious front elongated neck, thin and rich in skin folds; withers well closed, pronounced and sharp; shoulders merged with the neck; strong and wide chest.
Forequarters in front and well spaced.
Strong feet and high sole.
Rectilinear dorsal line with wide and strong loins.
Long and level croup; rather thin tail.
Posterior limbs in perpendicular, strong and dry; strong feet, well tightened with high sole.
Rectilinear profile buttocks; wide and flat hocks.
Firmly attached breast, prominent and tortuous abdominal veins, not too large and branched mammary veins, spongy and elastic tissue.
Strong median suspensory ligament which clearly divides the breast into two equal parts.
Perpendicular nipples, of the right size, inserted in the center of each quarter.
Adult female weight 550 - 750 kg
Adult female height 130-150 cm

Italian Friesian cow

Morphology of Italian Frisian bulls

The morphological characteristics are the same with regard to the coat, etc., with obvious regard to masculinity which is reflected in a greater size and greater power of each individual part.
Adult male weight 900 - 1300 kg
Height adult male 138-155 cm
The morphological evaluation is expressed for all females who have given birth and for males over 18 months.
Average pregnancy length: 287 days
Calf: weight ranging from 40 kg to over 50 in males.
Average production of registered women (2014): 9,472 kg of milk, fat 3.67%, protein 3.29%. Little inclined to meat production.

Italian Friesian bull

The red spotted Friesian is a coat variety of the Italian Friesian breed and many other Friesian strains.

Friesian with red dappled coat

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