Cattle breeds: Gatacko

Cattle breeds: Gatacko

Origin and diffusion area

Gatacko is an autochthonous breed of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the result of the cross between the two domestic breeds of Busa cow and Tyrolean gray bull. Starting in 1887, Gatacko cattle were raised in the Gacko Veterinary Center. Thanks to the high body weight and the good constitution, the breed spread very well in Gacko and in the neighboring regions at the end of the 19th century, becoming very popular. However it was replaced by Busa, with better qualities and characteristics, but then it was gradually restored.

Morphological characteristics

Medium size.

Productive characteristics

Dairy breed. It has good longevity and high milk yield.
With Gatacko milk Kajmak is produced, a creamy dairy product with a high fat and protein content that can be stored for a relatively long period of time. It is produced in the Bosnian Romanija region and in some areas of Herzegovina. Cheese is also prepared in the sack, characteristic of the whole of Herzegovina.

Gatacko cows (photo

Gatacko breed cow (photo

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