Cattle breeds: Razzetta d'Oropa

Cattle breeds: Razzetta d'Oropa

Origin and diffusion area

Also called Pezzata Rossa dOropa. The area of ​​origin and diffusion is the Elvo Valley in the province of Biella. It is called Razzetta to emphasize that the diffusion area is very limited. Like Simmental, it appears to derive from the piebald cattle of Northern Europe introduced into Italy by the Burgundians and Burgundians in the fifth century. It is considered a subrace of the Valdostana together with the Valdostana P.R. (the most represented) and Valdostana P.N.
Since 1985 the Registry of autochthonous bovine populations and ethnic groups with limited diffusion has been established. This register was established to safeguard the endangered cattle breeds that are bred in Italy and to safeguard these genetic heritages. The following breeds were admitted: Agerolese, Bianca Val Padana (Modenese), Burlina, Cabannina, Calvana, Cinisara, Garfagnina, Modicana, Cow Pisana, Pezzata Rossa dOropa, Pinzgau, Pontremolese, Pustertaler, Reggiana, Sarda, Sardo-Modicana, Varzese .

Morphological characteristics

Same characteristics as the Valdostana P.R.
Dark red piebald coat.
Limbs and belly generally white.
White head with red ears. Rarely red spots on the head.
Harmonic animals. Small size and stature.

Productive characteristics

And to be considered a dual-aptitude breed, with a prevalence for milk.
It adapts well to the difficult environmental conditions of mountain pasture and performs an important environmental and landscape protection action (mountain pasture).

Oropa breed cow

Oropa breed bull

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