Atlas of game
Animals of faunistic-hunting interest

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Animals of faunistic-hunting interest">

This section is dedicated to animals of faunistic-hunting interest. To its realization they collaborated the Dr. Chiara Serena Soffiantini and the Dr. Gianmaria Pisani of the University of Parma - Faculty of Veterinary Medicine.

Atlas of game

We have collected the main species of animals of faunistic-hunting interest in an easy-to-read atlas (cards with images). Click on the menu and select the desired species.

Information to mariners

The interest that game arouses in the zootechnical field regards various aspects.
- The wild can be taken into consideration when there is a desire to revalue areas considered marginal, therefore geographically disadvantaged and not suitable for intensive cultivation. In fact, game does not require very productive areas and, in general, prefers varied environments from the vegetational point of view (where perhaps the crops alternate with uncultivated, woods, bushes ...), far from anthropic disturbance. This is especially true of mammals.
- The chemical and organoleptic characteristics of game meat also make it interesting today.
- The possibility of raising game for the purpose of restocking should also not be underestimated.
- Finally, in recent decades, wildlife areas and "Open Farms" have arisen for educational purposes.

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