Bushes in the shade

Bushes in the shade

Question: Bushes for shady places

Are there small perennial bushes - even rare or ancient ones - (maximum height 50 cm.) That bloom for a long time in the summer in areas with cold winters (e.g. Trentino) and that can bear to be grown in the shade of a dense pergola? I would very much like to solve this problem which seems to be quite insoluble. thank you in advance and best regards candid

Shaded bushes: Answer: Bushes for shady places

Dear Candida,

Thank you for contacting us regarding your questions about the choice of bushes through the Expert section of our site

It is undoubtedly difficult to be able to recommend plants that meet all your needs. However, we propose some bushes which in addition to withstanding low winter temperatures, can also be grown in areas with little sunshine:

- Evergreen Berberis: all the species are very rustic and undemanding as regards the nature of the soil. To stay at a height of 50 cm., We can recommend Berberis buxifolia “Nana” or Berberis candidala “Nana”, both with yellow flowers.

- Cotoneaster: it is an evergreen that does not produce flowers, but fruits.

- Daboecia cantabriga (or Erica of Ireland): 30-40 cm tall, with abundant flowering in bell-shaped clusters, from June to September. The flowers can be white, pink or red.

- Common heather: blooms from July to October. Flowers of different colors.

- Stimmi japonica: evergreen with shiny green leathery foliage. In May it blooms in long white panicles, followed by red berries that last from autumn to spring.

- Hypericum calcynum; 40 cm high, with low branches that adhere to the ground. Large flowers of 7 cm. from July to September.

With best regards

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