Dogwood - Cornus mas

Dogwood - Cornus mas


Name: Cornus mas L.

Harvest: The bark and the fruits are harvested respectively at the beginning and at the end of spring.

Properties: Astringent, febrifuge.

Family: Coriacee.

Common names: Male sanguine, horned arvulu, correct it, ghilidone, cornoler.

Dogwood - Cornus mas: Ownership

Habitat: In flat areas that are not too humid.

Parts used: The fruits and the bark.

Conservation: The bark must be dried in the sun, while the fruits are eaten as soon as they are picked.

Use: Decoctions, vinous and alcoholic tinctures both internally and externally.

Notes: Particular is the preparation of the "Dogwood Sauce" which is obtained by cooking the fruits of this small bush in grape must with salt and pepper. The sauce obtained goes very well with boiled meats.

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