The salad

From the month of February, until the end of summer, we can sow in the garden what is called cutting salad, or small salad; these are salads of various types, from lettuce to endive, from radicchio ella catalogna, which are sown in stages, every 15-20 days on small plots of land, and are collected by cutting the leaves at the base, when they are 5 to 10 cm. In this way you get a delicate and crunchy salad, with small thin leaves, tasty and tasty.

- endive">Sowing

Towards the end of winter the whole garden should already have been prepared for sowing, in any case if the plots have been uncultivated for months or if they contain other vegetables that are no longer cultivated, it is good to prepare the land to receive the seeds. We will then proceed by removing all the vegetable plants now in the process of drying up, and any specimens of weeds.

Once the earth has been cleaned up, mature organic fertilizer or slow release granular fertilizer is distributed on the surface; after this operation we proceed by digging the earth, with the help of a spade or a fork, turning over the clods and crushing them.

Then the surface is smoothed with the help of a cultivating rake, in order to avoid the formation of bumps or hollows, and further crushing the clods of soil still present.

Having obtained a smooth surface, proceed by sowing the small seeds by broadcasting, trying to cover the surface evenly; often the seeds of the salad are very small and dark, difficult to notice on the surface of the ground, for this reason you can have the foresight to mix them with fine light-colored sand: in this way we will have the opportunity to better understand where the seeds they have already fallen and where there are none yet.

Once this is done, water the earth well, possibly using a fairly vaporized spray, so as not to move the seeds; if we do not have the possibility to vaporize the water we supply to the garden we can wet the soil before sowing.

For the germination of seeds, water is of fundamental importance; so let's avoid the soil drying out, watering every time the substrate seems excessively dry, until the seeds germinate completely.

As mentioned before, the cutting salad is harvested as soon as the leaves have reached 5-8 cm in height; in general the seedlings are not thinned out, but they are allowed to develop freely, periodically taking the necessary quantity for immediate consumption.

To prevent the leaves from becoming leathery over time, the sowing operation is repeated every 10-20 days, on nearby plots of land; when the leaves begin to be of the right size in the new plot, the previous one can be reworked and will be ready for a new sowing; in this way we will have salad ready for several months of the year.

- chicory">salad: A few tricks

This type of salad can be sown already at the end of winter; in areas with harsh winters we can sow by covering the soil with some agritessuto, in order to keep the soil moist and not too cold, facilitating the germination of seeds even in the event of night frost.

on the market there are also small non-woven "mats" that incorporate salad seeds inside them, this type of sowing can be carried out in the vegetable garden, but we can also place the mats in trays to be placed on the windowsills, moistening the fabric periodically we will obtain a delicate and fresh salad, to be collected every day.

Most leafy vegetables can be grown as a salad, even those that could become excessively leathery as they grow, such as catalonia or radishes; we can also use mixes of different salads, to obtain a pleasant mixed salad.

Since we will collect the leaves when they are very small in size, we can also add leaves to the salad that generally cannot be consumed in raw salads, such as spinach, radicchio spadone, chard.

To add a special touch we can instead add aromatic herbs, such as rocket, dill, chives, watercress, tarragon, mint, in small quantities; or even white radicchio, pak choy seeds (Chinese cabbage) with an aromatic flavor, mustard, or even Chinese mustard.

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