Stone fountains

Stone fountains


The stone fountains are made of natural stone and give the outdoor space a special charm. Stone is a material that, to be molded into the desired shape, must only be worked by expert hands. By turning to an artisan business, you have the opportunity to order your own stone fountain tailored, choosing the shape you like best. The stone that will form the container element of the fountain is extracted directly from the rock, thus enriching the open space with a small work of art. The stone fountains they can also be purchased at specialized shops for garden furniture. In this case they are complete fountains that only need to be installed. The cost is variable, if the fountain is made to measure, it will have a higher price than those sold in the shop.

Double function

The stone fountains they can perform two different functions: ornamental or for water use. There stone fountain for ornamental use it is certainly worked in a different way because, representing a decorative motif for the garden, it must also be particular from an aesthetic point of view. The standard structure consists of a base that supports the fountain and a 'container' that collects the water that gushes. This composition can then be enriched with other ornamental motifs. The stone can also be carved to create additional motifs, through a work that is done manually. Large stone fountains can also be decorated with large statues, but in this case it is necessary to have a very large garden. When space is scarce, you can opt for stone fountains which are small in size, but are still very beautiful. In some cases, a small container is obtained directly from the stone block which can then be placed in the garden even in a small corner. The stone fountains that are instead placed on the wall do not have an exclusively aesthetic function but also a water function, they are very useful and allow you to have drinking water available. Their base consists of a column that is placed in front of the wall and the water flows through a tap.

Particular shapes

Stone fountains today, to respond to the need for new design, also take on particular shapes, so to speak a little abstract. They are made by artists who, through the creation of a fountain, create a small work of contemporary art. The stone therefore changes its direction: if before the classical processing allowed to place the stone fountain only in large villas with a classic style, today the desire to approach a more concrete minimalism means that the stone undergoes a different working process.

Lecce stone and Tunisian stone

Different stones are used to make the fountains. The Lecce stone is one of the best known, it is clear when it is extracted and if left outdoors it takes on an antiqued dark color, but it can be gray, much harder than the previous one. A stone that makes it possible to create fountains with a modern style is the Tunisian stone of a fairly light color. The choice of the type of stone depends above all on its color, it can be a matter of personal taste and depends on its integration with the decor of your garden. Depending on your needs, the stone fountain can be chosen as an exclusively decorative element or not. In both cases it represents an element that enriches the outdoor space.


The costs of stone fountains vary, the following factors must be kept in mind: the choice of a craftsmanship or the purchase of a finished product, the size, the structure, the choice of one stone rather than another. Turning to an artisan it is good to underline that it is also necessary to wait for the time necessary for the processing of the product. The retailer's advice in this case can be very useful because, by bringing a plan of the space in which it will be placed, he will be able to indicate the various choice options that are most appropriate.

Advantages of the stone

Most of the fountains are made of stone because it is a very resistant material that remains unchanged over time. It is an easily washable material, and the same outdoor fountain during the winter can also be emptied and covered to avoid stagnation of rainwater. Stone fountains are an important element in every large Italian square, if our predecessors opted for the choice of this material, it means that it truly guarantees excellent conservation, also considering how they have remained unchanged over the centuries. Then there are those who have a particular passion for this material and certainly cannot but choose to make their stone fountain, which, if left rough, can be admired in its original structure, which distinguishes it as a natural element in the garden environment.

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A style choice for furnishing the garden of your dreams? If the goal is so ambitious, then you just can't help but focus on an element such as the so-called stone fountains, absolutely unique in their kind and capable of significantly raising the quality standards of your outdoor space.

Precisely because of the high underlying potential, even a choice of this type cannot do without a series of preliminary information, absolutely essential for the final decision to be made in absolute awareness. More specifically, the choice of a stone fountain for the home garden must take into account the harmony between all the elements of the outdoor space.

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