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Apartment plan

Question: Apartment plan

We have a benjamin plant mt. 2.50 which is now in the apartment but continues to lose leaves. Watering takes place once a week of lt. 1'5 of water with a Bayfolan Acidophilic fertilizer but the leaves still continue to fall in abundance, what should I do ??? !!!! Thanks

Answer: Apartment plan

Dear Manlio,

your ficus is an evergreen houseplant; although it is always cultivated at spring temperatures, in fact even the evergreen plants enter a partial vegetative rest during the winter, because the days are shorter. Therefore it is not advisable to provide the plants with a fixed amount of watering and fertilization at fixed and fixed intervals, because your plant has different needs in every period of the year. In practice it is as if you decide that on Tuesdays you leave the house with flip-flops, every Tuesday, regardless of whether it is August or January.

Therefore, fertilizations are useful in the period in which the plant produces new foliage in abundance, ie from March-April until September; in the remaining months it avoids fertilizations. Ficus is not an acidophilic plant, so use a normal fertilizer for green houseplants; cidophilus fertilizer can only be useful if your plant suffers from ferric chlorysis.

Watering is to be provided only when the soil is dry, so in August even every day, in December once a week, or even less, it depends on the climate in your home. In my opinion your plant now needs less watering and to stop fertilizing.

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